Detroit has a stigma attached to its hip. It is believed that Detroit is a run down, hopeless environment and this has allowed people to take advantage. Del Ray is a small neighborhood in Detroit that is facing obliteration due to a new bridge being built through it and over the river to Canada. This bridge will displace families, nature, culture, and history. The competition required us to design a border crossing for this new bridge. Artist's Promenade challenges the traditional perception of a border crossing by making it a sociable, transparent and inviting place. Instead of displacing existing life, Artist's Promenade was designed using an existing warehouse that sits on the site. Vehicular traffic is not set on a pedestal. Artist's Promenade acquires its name because of its open style market space used for local artists and musicians and community development. The Artist's Promenade uses architecture and material reuse to connect to Detroit's past and present.