Locality is flexible for any type of family and is adaptive for people with disabilities. Each unit can be customized to one’s own liking and one’s own needs. Through the use of movable walls, one structure can be altered twelve different ways and can accommodate from one single family up to 12 individuals. Locality can house around 60 people at a time. The site is not meant to house as many people as possible and leans away from traditional suburbia. Each home includes communal kitchens, living rooms and a large learning area. The rest of site encourages health and community; a community garden, a farmers market, public soccer field, outdoor exercise machines, an observation tower, two natural ponds, and an abundance of trails leading through native plants and wildlife.

Locality will not save the lives of the migrant farm workers. It is not a charity case. Locality encourages healthy growth by supporting basic needs and rights. Locality is a catalyst for change.

This project placed as a competition finalist within Ball State's fourth year studio and was completed for the Breaking New Ground International Competition.