The Back Bay Health and Wellness Cooperative is a one-stop-shop for a healthy mind and body. The facility encourages
health and wellness through its grocery store and state of the art fitness/climbing gym. Natural, sustainably sourced,
raw, vegan and organic foods as well as fresh vegetables, which are grown on site, are sold in the grocery to supplement the
lack of food stores and farmer’s markets in the surrounding area. The fitness floors offer cardio and weight equipment,
specialized exercise classes, a meditation room, juice and snack bars, three story-rock climbing and more. The Back
Bay Health and Wellness Cooperative has excellent indoor air quality so that users have constant access to uncontaminated
air, captures and stores rainwater, uses less energy than other buildings of similar size and begins to combat the CO2 emitted
from the Massachusetts Turnpike. The Back Bay Wellness Cooperative is a community-centered, community-run facility where one can achieve health and wellness goals at an affordable price.